Ticket Scholarship Programme

We are pleased to announce our Ticket Scholarship Programme for PHP South Coast 2016.

At PHP South Coast, we are committed to including as many people as possible in our conference. This year we are introducing a ticket scholarship scheme to encourage students, under-represented groups and those who can't otherwise afford tickets to experience our events.

I would like to enrol…

Sorry, but the scholarship programme is no longer accepting applications for this year.

I would like to help…

Thank you to everyone has donated - we have closed the scholarship programme for this year.

A massive thank you to our donors…

Regarding VAT on donations

The donations are being made to PHP Hampshire CIC, which is not a charity. Therefore, there are no tax benefits on donations for any party involved. It is important to also note that donors will not be able to reclaim VAT on donations, as the supply is being made to the scholarship awardee, rather than the donor. This does indeed mean that technically, the scholarship awardee could claim the VAT you have paid back, but also be aware that we do not award scholarships to businesses, so there is no risk of money making schemes here. Please ensure that if you are a VAT-registered company making a donation that you account for this correctly in your VAT return.

Regarding surplus of funding

If the scholarship programme raises more money than we are able to award tickets for, the surplus will be used to either fund next year's scholarship programme, or in the unlikely event we will not run another scholarship scheme (or even conference!) then the surplus will be donated to a similar not-for-profit scholarship programme or a registered charity with similar interests (at our discretion).