Gianluca Arbezzano

Gianluca Arbezzano

Software Engineer at CurrencyFair, a tech financial company. Gianluca is a PHP developer who works on different stack layers, automation, scalability and HA. Open Source contributor for several projects, above all Zend Framework, and member of the Doctrine ORM developers team. He is a strong believer in best development practices and supporter of different User Groups.

Gianluca’s fields of interest are various and constantly in evolution: in the last year, he worked a lot on scalable infrastructures, reaching the goal of building some of them on top of AWS, DigitalOcean and Open Stack.


Talk: Parallel Made Easy

Thanks to cloud computing, the ability to split processes on different machines is now very easy. During this talk Gianluca will share his experience with the Zend Framework Core Team to split their repository into different isolated components (one of the main features of ZF3) whilst retaining git history. This is a good case study due to their use of AWS, PHP and bash to split their git history of over 20,000 commits.

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