Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon

Sara has been an internals developer on the PHP project since 4.3, and runs HHVM’s open source efforts. She’s the author of “Extending and Embedding PHP” and designed HHVM’s extension API. Unapologetic day-dreamer and occasional malcontent, Sara is also responsible for the atrocities that are runkit, operator, objectifier, and many other abuses of the PHP runtime.


Talk: Extended in 30 Minutes or Less, or Your Money Back

Language runtimes do their best to meet all your development needs, but sometimes there’s some random C library you need access to from a higher level language, and it’s just not there. Learning PHP’s zvals and HashTables, and its score of macros and pointers can be intimidating and off-putting. Sara will show that there’s a better way: HHVM extensions require little more experience than a firm knowledge of PHP, and a willingness to break things. By the end of this presentation, we’ll have live-coded a real-world extension wrapping a real-world library, and you’ll be able to as well.

* Offer of money back is satirical in nature and does not guarantee actual refund for any purposes. :)

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